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Bao Yang

CS159 2019 Student Projects

31 Jul 2019

This is a list of student projects for my course “CS159: Python Programming (2019 Spring)”.

Projects in English-Speaking Class:

  • “Human-Computer Interaction Ludo Game Based on Image Recognition”
  • “The Battle of Balls”
  • “JARVIS Voice Command on Computer”
    • by the team “Detective Clueless”: Julie Cai-Ngo, Ambre-Mei Racine, Mewaine Petard, Yoshihiro Teraguchi
    • [report] [slide] [demo]
  • “Beacon of Life - Python Simulation of Best Evacuation Routes”
  • “Gesture 2048”
  • “Sentiment Analysis Using Text Mining”
  • “Stock Sale”
  • “Left and Right Inter-Fighting Game”

Projects in Chinese-Speaking Class:

  • “Artist’s Meme (艺术家的表情包)”
  • “Garbage Identification and Classification (垃圾识别与分类)”
  • “利用python实现人脸识别”
  • “游戏: 我爱学习,学习使我快乐”
  • “游戏: Py(Π)酷跑”
  • “游戏: Angry Piggy”
    • by the team “译茗璇转跳跃我不停歇”: 赵子璇, 王译晗, 陈逸茗
    • [report] [slide] [demo]
  • “游戏: 大碗宽面”
  • “游戏: 疯狂的篮球”
  • “游戏: 新俄罗斯方块”
  • “游戏: 小猪快跑”
  • “游戏: BY连连看”